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Open Easter to October 2018

Ancestry & Genealogy

In the Museum Library you can check if your surname is Scottish and its derivation and meaning. Our collection includes books on tartans, Highland dress, clan histories and much more.

If you have ancestors from Skye, or MacDonalds in your family tree, then we may be able to help with your family history research when you visit Armadale. Please note that the majority of our records are from the 1800’s onward and represent parishes associated with Clan Donald on Skye. We have census reports, parish records, monumental inscriptions, maps and a database of detailed records of several thousand Skye families. The MacDonald Estate Papers provide a unique collection of original rentals and estate documents relating to Skye and North Uist that can be found nowhere else.

Please be aware that Highland genealogy can be frustrating, especially to those unfamiliar with the places and people concerned, but our local knowledge may help you. The library team, led by our Museum Manager, is always on hand to assist if you require advice.

Our ability to conduct remote research is dependent on our researcher’s availability and charges will apply. Furthermore, time spent on genealogy does not guarantee the finding of desired information.

From Easter to October the Library is usually open 10am-12.30pm and 2.10pm-4.30pm, seven days a week. The Library may be closed for short periods when the Museum Manager is offering tours or other activities within the Museum. If you wish to consult the Library resources and are visiting on a schedule you are advised to book with the Library in advance.

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