Trees for the future

Working to conserve endangered species

Trees for the Future is our ambitious new tree planting programme at Armadale. We are working to protect some of the world’s most endangered tree species while we plant a new generation of trees in our historic gardens.

You can support this work now by adopting a tree or sending us a donation.

About the programme

Trees for the Future is a collaboration with the prestigious International Conifer Conservation Programme at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Armadale has been selected as an official Satellite Garden for the conifer conservation programme. This means we are one of a network of ‘safe sites’, specially chosen because we have the right conditions and horticultural skills to care for a living collection of endangered trees.

Conifers are of major importance worldwide and over 34% of all conifer species are threatened. As a satellite garden we will be planting 140 young conifers during 2021-24. Many of these are rare and threatened in their native habitat. The trees are grown in Edinburgh from seeds collected in the wild under strictly controlled licence arrangements.

Adopt a tree

Could you help us protect threatened species and create a lasting legacy for future generations? Adopting a tree is perfect sustainable gift! For £500 we will:

  • Select a suitable tree from the conifer conservation programme and choose the best planting location
  • Dedicate the tree with a specially worded label
  • Send you a personalised adoption certificate including a photograph and information about the tree variety

Every penny raised will directly support the Trees for the Future programme. This includes: recording and monitoring each tree; nurturing young trees in our nursery; planting each tree and them protecting against deer, pests and diseases.

Contact us to adopt a tree or for more information.


You can also support us by donating online. Please specify Donation to Trees for the Future Fund in the donation comments box.

Donate now – this will take you to the  Just Giving donations page for Clan Donald Lands Trust, the charity that owns and manages Armadale Castle, Gardens & Museum.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your donation.