Our New Family Loyalty Scheme

Sgeama Dìlseachd Ùr do Theaghlaichean

New Family Loyalty Scheme

Are you worried about getting best value from a family seasonal pass? We’ve got a solution for you!  

Our new local family loyalty scheme records every visitor ticket you buy, and when your combined ticket spend reaches the £50 threshold – the cost of a family seasonal pass – we will issue your seasonal pass, which is valid until we close for the winter. When you get your seasonal pass all your subsequent visits are free! 

To join our new scheme, bring in proof of local residency and ask to join. We will then record each time you buy a visitor ticket, and tell you when you’ve reached £50 so that we can issue your seasonal pass.

How the scheme works: 

  • Loyalty scheme for local families: a Family is two adults and up to four children aged 5 – 15. 
  • Please bring your proof of local residency every time you visit. 
  • Ask at the ticket office to be part of the local family loyalty scheme. 
  • We issue your adult and child tickets on each visit, and record the total value spent to date.  
  • When the total value of your ticket spend reaches £50, we will issue your family seasonal pass. 

Our team look forward to seeing you soon!