Marvellous Moths

Leòmainn Mìorbhaileach

Start: Thursday 25 May, 7.00am - End: Thursday 21 September 2023, 8.30am

Join local Naturalist Phil Knott for a look at some of the amazing moths that are found in the Estate grounds. Phil will run three harmless moth traps and we will carefully empty. Usually there are hundreds of moths of dozens of different species including a range of incredible colours, shapes and camouflage styles. Phil will cover the lifecycle and ecology of many of these species and there will be plenty of opportunity for photographs of these normally hard to see nocturnal insects. Midge protection essential.

7 – 8.30am on the following dates:

  • Thurs 25th May
  • Thurs 29th June
  • Thurs 27th July
  • Thurs 31st August
  • Thurs 21st Sept

£15 per person.

Please note the marvellous moths can only run on when the previous night isn’t wet and postponement is possible.

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