Armadale Castle TreeFest

Start: Sunday 30 September, 9.30am - End: Friday 30 November 2018, 5.00pm

We’re delighted to be joining with other gardens across Scotland in the first ever Scottish Tree Festival, organised by Discover Scottish Gardens. We are proud to have a magnificent collection of trees at Armadale Castle, some of them planted by Lord Macdonald in the 1870s and others nurtured from exotic seeds in the 1980s to become splendid specimens today.

For the two months of TreeFest, you can experience the autumn colour of acers and red oak, get close to unusual specimens such as the ‘Candy Floss tree’ and ‘fossil tree’ and marvel at giants such as Sitka Spruce and Giant Redwood. Pick up a self-guided tree trail to find out the stories behind some of our most interesting trees, and have fun with tree-themed family activities in half term. Look out on social media for details of tree tours with the garden team.